C Is For Cotton Wool

We all know how daunting it can be, being a brand new mummy and you have so many new things to learn.

Who knew babies were so complicated.

You have tonnes of books and your friends and family giving you little tips on what to use and do thats best for your baby, its easy to get confused.

The most common debate is Cotton Wool Vs Baby Wipes

Most baby books will tell you to use cotton wool and water on your babies skin as it is so delicate but then the baby wipes will tell you they are just as soft as cotton wool so what do you do?

We suggest using cotton wool or even cotton pads (the ones you use to take off your eye makeup- but bigger) Β for the first month or so as using baby wipes straight away can leave your babies skin very dry.

What did you do ? Maybe you have some advice for our new mummies about what worked for you and your baby

Comment or message us and let us know xXx


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