New Born Essentials

Have you ever said to yourself , Why do babies need so many things ?

The truth is they don’t , infact its the bare minimum. Yes i know what you are thinking, the books say i should have this and i have been told i need this. Well put the book down. If you bought everything the massive consumerism of today is telling you too you would think you are preparing to have 100 babies not 1.

Heres my very much revised list :

Must HavesΒ 

  • Place For Your Baby To Sleep – It could be your bed , a crib , cot, bassinet or moses basket
  • Nappies – These could be disposable or cloth
  • Clothing – Feel free to go completely overboard on this , perhaps think about going for practicality over cuteness on some styles and be sure to put down anything that is dry clean only. I mean seriously who came up with that genius idea?
  • Baby Bath- Whether it fits in the tub or the sink a sturdy holder for your baby is always needed
  • Car Seat – Install it and make sure you get it thoroughly checked for safety, you may want to have a car seat that doubles up as a Carrier too

Would Be UsefulΒ 

  • Baby Monitor – Always useful after when your angel is dreaming
  • Breast Pump – Whether you are going back to work or will be spending most of your time with your little one
  • Bottles – You are going to need something to put the milk in
  • Pram, Stroller Β – It depends how and how much you are going to use it. Will you be walking a lot or taking it with you when you go to shops? If so perhaps invest in one with a basket and a fold away one is always very useful too
  • An On The Go Bag – Perfect for spares and just in cases

Do you have anything you may like to add ? Or maybe you have something you never thought you needed but couldn’t do without when you became a mum? Let us know xXx

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