Wiggle Wiggle Walk

Its National Wiggle Your Toes Day Today ! We know you just did it, go on give your piggies a wiggle.

To celebrate we thought we would give you some advice on how to go about buying your little one their first pair of shoes.

Whilst your baby is learning to walk around the house, letting them go barefoot is the best idea as they will be able to balance better and coordinate steps more securely. This also allows their feet to develop naturally as they are soft and squishing them into a pair of shoes too early may prevent them from growing properly.

Once your baby is confidently walking around by themselves then its time to think about getting some shoes to fit those tiny feet to venture outside.

When  looking for their first pair of shoes look for a supportive shoe with a buckle, velcro or lace fastening to hold your baby’s feet in place, also make sure the sole is flexible , lightweight and has a good grip. Its always best to buy a pair in a breathable material e.g. leather, cotton or canvas. Avoid plastic shoes as these can lead to making your babies feet sweat and possibly other infections.

Once you have the perfect pair take your baby to get their feet measure every 6-8 weeks. Normally babies feet grow two shoes sizes a year so be prepared for a growing collection, continue to have your baby’s feet measure until they get to about four years old. After this taking them to get measured every 3 months will be fine.

Remember to check the size of your baby’s socks too. If your baby needs a bigger shoe, they will also need bigger socks!

Where did you go to get your baby their first pair of shoes? What were they like ? If you have any other advice please let us know xXx

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