Roma By Night

After a fabulous day exploring, we had dinner at a very cute little resturant on Piazza Del Risorigimento and after indulging in an enormous pistachio sundae we decided we needed a walk hehe.

As we were just around the corner from The Vatican we had a wonder to Piazza San Pietro and my were we amazed!

More spectacular than anything we had ever seen we stood in the square looking up at the Basilica in awe.


With church bells and balconies this was one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole of the city and we have to say it looked even more gorgeous in the moonlight.

The square was just so amazing we could have stayed for hours. A pillar wall surrounds it with angels and roman gods on the top overlooking the square.


There are two beautiful fountains at either end and a spectacular Egyptian needle in the centre it was just beautiful.

Don’t worry we will be returning to the square in a few days to see it in the natural daylight, and we can tell you all about it and all about our trip to the Vatican Museum xXx

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