Tiny Mummy = Tiny Baby

After a study of almost 3,500 women across Europe it is found that mums who are quite short in height are more likely to gee birth to lighter and smaller babies.

During pregnancy it was found that for every centimetre the mothers height increased the babies length by 0.5cm and weight by 10 grams. It was also believed that the taller mummy is the longer she will be pregnant for as the due date is pushed back by 0.34 days.

What do you think to the study findings? Was this true for you ?We asked some of our mums about their little ones and here are a few of our results:

  • I’m 5ft 1 and my pre pregnancy weight was 7stone. My Lottie weighed 7lb 5oz. Β But my friend who is the same height and build as me didn’t have as big of a bump as i did and her baby weighed 10lb 10oz
  • I’m 5″0 and i weighed about 11 stone when i was pregnant. My midwife said i would be having a baby no bigger than 7lb 7 oz and my Owen was 9lb 12oz ! What went wrong !
  • I didn’t even show until I was 7 months and I weighed over 9 1/2 stone. I’m 5,3 Β and my baby was 6lb 5ozs.

Tell us about your babies weight and lets see if we can prove this study wrong xXx

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